An Italian winter squash variety also known as Tonda Padana, Americana Tonda squash and Italian Ribbed Pumpkin. This small to medium-sized squash has a classic pumpkin-like shape. The rind has a dark green background with light green and orange mottling and green stripes along wide ridges. The flesh is dry, orange in color and offers a sweet squash flavor similar to that of butternut. American Tonda is known both for its decorative qualities and for its culinary attributes. It can be cut into cubes, wedges or in half and roasted or steamed. The skin should be removed either before or after cooking as it is too tough for consumption. Cooked and pureed squash is often used to make soups and sauces or in sweet pies, muffins and bread. In Italy, the American Tonda squash is also used to make gnocchi and as a filling for handmade pastas.

American Tondo