Fairytale pumpkins have deep ribs, a brownish color, smooth exterior, and a sturdy stem. These slightly flattened pumpkins average 8-25 lbs. and have thick, sweet, orange hued flesh. Their appearance is similar to the pumpkin/carriage in the classic fairytale, Cinderella. This heirloom variety pumpkin is valued for its excellent flavor and also for its unique shape and coloring, making it an excellent addition to fall ornamental displays.An old variety native to France, it is still today popular today and sold in cut wedges in street markets in Europe, New York, & other locales. 

Fairytale pumpkins can be used in any pumpkin recipe. Their sweet flavor is highlighted well in desserts and used as filling in pies. Roasting or grilling will enhance the sweet flavor of the pumpkin. It can also be eaten when sliced like a wedge of cheese and roasted.