Similar in appearance to a pumpkin, this variety of squash is a type of Kabocha winter squash that has a bright reddish-orange skin. The flesh of the Sunshine is golden orange, tender,  stringless and provides a sweet nutty flavor as a side dish, pie filling, in soups, or can prepared in baked goods. Small and globe-shaped the Sunshine squash typically grows to 3 or 4 pounds in size.

Squash can be baked whole or in halves. To bake whole, pierce the skin with a fork several times and place in a low baking pan with water. To bake one half, cut the squash lengthwise and remove the seeds. The half section can then be placed on a baking pan with the outer skin placed down on the baking pan. Store up to one month in a cool dry location with good air circulation.

Sunshine Buttercup Squash